Our Rental-only packages include rental on services for outdoor lawns, tables, and chairs. If you need to buy additional items, special charges may apply. You get an option to choose your vendor for decorations (columns, arches, candles, flowers, etc.), or you can choose from our list of preferred vendors.


You need to hire us and leave your worries on us. We will help you create long-lasting memories without having to worry about the details.

Our All-Inclusive package includes:
  • Indoor and outdoor facility rental
  • Flower decorations of your choice
  • Podium, arches, columns, and candles
  • Tables, chairs, linens, satin overlays, and centerpieces
Additional services include:
  • We feature the bride and groom's head table on the stage.
  • You can choose a caterer from our preferred list of vendors; they will customize a menu for you; you need to tell them your taste. All American, Asian, Mediterranean, or Southeast Asian food served with love by our professional staff.
  • We can set up a champagne fountain and chocolate fountain.
  • We can provide Nonalcoholic beverages like tea, coffee, and soda. If you wish to serve alcohol, we will arrange for a full bar and bartenders (the number of bartenders and security personnel is based on the number of guests).
  • We can arrange for professional DJs, sound engineers, and lighting technicians.


If Lakeside Destination Party is something that you are looking for, we are here to help you with the best. Our lakeside celebration with a gazebo with an additional charge for approximately 50-200 guests in attendance is the best in town. We will arrange chairs for the guests.

You can rent our facility from 4 hours with two additional hours for setup and one extra hour for departure.

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